Bullwinkle: "Eenie Meenie, Jelly Beanie…

the Spirits are about to speak!”bullwinkle    Rocky: “Are they friendly spirits?” Bullwinkle: “Just listen!”

     Some of these catch-phrases from childhood surface at very appropriate moments, having been burned into the malleable subconscious of the first TV Generation by the Draconians on Madison avenue .  This one popped into my head the other day unbidden.  At the time I thought it wasn’t in response to any particular conscious thought.  But upon reflection, I realized where it came from.

    Actually, I guess this phrase and the  image of good old Bullwinkle telling fortunes in a turban (sorry, I couldn’t find the right image to steal on-line) was prompted by something that I was processing consciously .  I’ve been working on a number of clients the past few weeks who, as it turns out, have one or more negative spirit guides on their team.  Bummer.

    Spirit guides are souls who, like us, have been incarnated into physical lives in the past.  They’re usually just a bit more spiritually advanced than we are; and, being between lives and not wanting to just hang out deciding where to incarnate next,  have taken on the responsibility of helping your higher self through imparting wisdom and guidance.  Since they’re not limited by the veil of physical existence, they can see the path much more clearly than we can.

    We usually have between four and six guides and in most cases they’ve all been “hired” by the time we’re in our mid-twenties.  They can be male, female or androgynous souls, and like us bring various gifts and talents to the table.  They each serve their own purpose on our team, and our higher self has selected them based on those qualities depending upon what kind of life we intend to lead, what lessons are in the program for this lifetime.

    Now, all of us have negative energies attached to ur being, left over from past mistakes, lapses in judgement, greed…etc.  These attachments may have been with us for thousands of years.  They affect us in a myriad of ways, impeding our progress in the physical as well as the spiritual planes.  They dim the light that should surround us, substituting dark energy for the Divine Light we are supposed to be in alignment with.

    As a moth is attracted to a flame, spirit guides come to our light and if they are a good match to what we need, they become part of our team.  But negative guides are more like flies attracted to you-know-what…they see a source of negativity and sense an opportunity for a free lunch.  Unlike positive souls, negative beings have chosen to disconnect from Divine Light.  This being the case, they have no power source but for the negative, black energy they can provoke in us.  So if we already have attachments producing the dark energy, we become very attractive.

    These negative souls may become attached through trickery, appearing to be powerfully wise and many times offering us the easy way out.  They may be actually extremely helpful sometimes, getting us so close to enlightenment or physical success that we can taste it…and then giving us that one little piece of bad advice that makes it all come crashing down, producing a foul cornucopia of negativity for them to feed off of.

    This is a most insidious condition; we’re told to listen to our intuition, go with our gut, live by the guidance from our Higher Selves and spirit guides and we can’t go wrong.  Oh really?  Suppose we have one or two of these negative guides on our spiritual committee?

   If you feel in your heart of hearts that you are well-connected to your higher self and thus to your spirit guides, but you still can’t make headway, it’s quite possible that you’ve got one or more of these bad-news spirits on your team.  It’s highly unlikely you’ll make much progress until you fire them and replace them with the topnotch, positive and loving guides you need to get you through this experience.  It is possible to send them packing, and I’ll be happy to help with that.  All you need to do is to ask.

About Michael

Michael is a wisdom teacher and mentor, intuitive healer and life coach. His website is at www.healedspirit.com .

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