What are "Negative Attachments"?

psychicguardian    When we perform a Soul Realignment, one of the most important pieces of the process is ridding the client of negativities that have become attached to him or her by one means or another.  This attachment may have taken place many lifetimes ago and be so much a part of the soul by now that it feels to us like an integral part of our being.  They can produce thoughts and emotions in us that feel like they are coming from us, but in truth are not.

     Sometimes we become so negative of our own free will that we actually invite negative souls to share our existence.  Negative entities do not work with Light and thus have no source of vital energy.  The only way they can keep going is to try to induce negative energies in us, upon which they can then feed.  The more we engage with the darkness, the more powerful they become and so the cycle continues to accelerate.  In many cases, at some point they can become so strong that they begin to “soul-shift” with us; we actually are possessed periodically by the negativity, and decisions and actions we take during those periods are truly not our own.  Drug abuse and those sorts of things are good examples.

    Sometimes negative (or even positive) souls can become attached and draw energy from us.  An earthbound spirit of a person who has perhaps died suddenly or traumatically can attach to us.  These are usually the souls of relatively recently-deceased people and can be benign, but they still are drawing our energies needlessly.  A ghost or a poltergeist, on the other hand, has been trapped in this dimension for a long time and can become a dark energy, doing its best to create negativity, sap our energy and sometimes can draw enough of this energy to actually cause physical mischief.  If you are continually losing your car keys or jewelry, there nay be one of these poltergeists to blame.

   There is one kind of “entity”, however, that we most assuredly bring upon ourselves, called a negative thought-form.  Essentially, these are cohesive energies produced by repeated negative thoughts – repeated so often and strongly that they take on a life of their own and become independent.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stop them from influencing us once this occurs.  It’s like we have stirred the waters so consistently that a whirlpool is formed that is strong enough to continue on it’s own.  These thought-forms then need to be dealt with the same as any other negative attachement.

    The most important thing to remember is that none of these dark influences can affect us without our initially engaging them.  Just as in handling a negative person in our daily life, the best course of action is no action at all.  To argue with an argumentative person is to feed into that energy and perpetuate it.  Likewise, to allow negative thoughts and emotions to perpetuate themselves within us is to make them stronger, so that the next time they come around we will have even  less chance of walking away.

    And that’s the best policy…just observe the negativity for what it is, but briefly so as not to give it more power than necessary, then simply walk away from it.  Thus we cut off the power source and can continue on our path unhindered.

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Michael is a wisdom teacher and mentor, intuitive healer and life coach. His website is at www.healedspirit.com .


  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Michael,

    I received an heirloom piece of jewelry that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I have since been t old it has strong attachments. Since becoming a Reiki Practitioner I can also feel them in the ring. Is there any way to clear it completely? Moonlight and the saltwater treatment has not been thorough enough. I am thinking it may be time just to sell it for the metals/stones. Any suggestions?!

    Many thanks,


  2. Hy husband has told me he has had a demon with him since he was little. I believe he is affraid to mess with it, Ive seen certain changes in him and would like some advice on how to make it leave. If you have any advice for me, Id love some feedback. Please email me at jettagirl2004@yahoo.com
    Thank you in advance!

    • Keri,

      Unless your husband has training and knowledge about these things, he doesn’t really know what he’s dealing with.

      As mentioned above, the bottom line is that we tell these thing to just go away. If we’re afraid to do that, it only causes them to attach more firmly because fear feeds them.

      Beyond that it would take a formal session to find out what really is going on, and those can be booked on the appropriate page on this site.

  3. Mercedes R-L says:

    Okay, I got it I just have to keep working on myself to be the best me I can be. Thank You!

  4. Michael says:

    Well, I would certainly try prayer, which is not the pleading kind of prayer which has been taught by religion; it is the sending out of an intention to the Universe that you want to change in a certain way and asking that situations and conditions be set up in such a way as to facilitate that for you. If the mistakes are a result of lack of discipline or lack of effort, then it is certainly within your ability to make it better.

    That said, a negative entity can definitely try to induce distraction, misdirection and misinformation into your mental and emotional bodies, and I would assume that this could lead to making more mistakes than normal.

  5. Mercedes R-L says:

    Okay Michael, does that apply to constantly making mistakes too. If so,how do you stop this from happening? Can a soul realignment fix that or can it be done independently through prayer ?

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