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devil+and+angel+2There’s a lot of stuff going around these days in the spiritual community about Lightworkers and “Darkworkers”.  Most of it is, as today’s title states, bullshit.

The definition of a Lightworker is easy…you do no harm, you work and play ethically, you follow the Golden Rule.  If you’re an ambitious Lightworker, your main thrust is always toward the highest good of all.  You engage in work that explicitly advances mankind and Spirit – you’re a teacher or an environmentalist or a social activist, or whatever you can do best that contributes to the good of all.  Or, maybe you don’t do much externally but you lead a good, conscious life.

The prevailing definition of a “darkworker”  says that instead of looking outward and striving to reach enlightenment “out there”, one looks inward, loves one’s self, aims for personal excellence and achievement, etc. and strives constantly for personal gain.  Hello?  The reason this definition is bullshit is that none of those things are out of alignment with being a Lightworker.  When one of us advances, we all advance.  Any improvement in an individual life adds to all of us, because we are all One.  You must love yourself and be in alignment with the energy stream of Divine Love before you can love anyone or anything else.  So just because you might not go out and save baby seals, but instead stay home and enjoy a nice meal and feel good about it…sorry, you’re not a “Darkworker”.

There’s also the idea out there that one must “polaraize” as either a Lightworker or one of these fictional “darkworkers”; that in order to master one’s reality, one must focus entirely outwardly or inwardly.  Again – need I say it? – bullshit!  You can create your own reality in your own way and in all ways.  The possibilities are, for our purposes, infinite.  So if you listen to any of the several selfstyled gurus who want you to take this “path” or that, you’re not going to be able to take advantage of the limitless ways and means, the abundance and spiritual advancement that’s all part of the neverending flow from Source.

Now, I  hasten to add that there most certainly are positive and negative souls, and that’s a different distinction altogether.  Negative souls have chosen to work without Light; not necessarily against Light, but these beings (whether incarnated or not) have turned away from Source and Spirit and do not advance spiritually.  They are also weak in the face of knowledge, because they have no power source except for whatever negativity they can generate and parasitically siphon off.  When they are recognized for what they are by the beings on whom they depend for “dark energy”, they lose that power source.  So screw them.

Most people waver in their positivity.  We are good souls and on a path of advancement, but occasionally one of the negative entities floating about sees an opportunity, whispers in our ear that there’s an easier way, or that we’re not good enough, or that life really does suck doorknobs…and before you know it we’ve got a buddy stuck to us, happily sucking up our vital energy and stinking up the place.  This is a large source of the blocks and restrictions that are cleared during a soul realignment.  So they’re probably actually a good thing, because if not for those kinds of situations I wouldn’t have any clients!

Just kidding!   :)

At any rate, it pays to be careful when you think about these definitions.  When it comes to negative souls, we don’t really judge them because free will is Rule Number One, and if they’ve chosen not to work with Light, that’s their business.  But we certainly don’t have to deal with them, and it’s best not to.  Also, if you’ve taken a shine to that bogus “darkworker” thing, you might want to think about what vibrations you’re putting out.  Just thinking of one’s self in a connotation like that could tend to attract negative energy to you; the nasties will come around like moths to a flame.

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re a negative soul…relax.  The fact that you’re bothering to read this blog is proof that you’re not.  In fact, the reason that we soul realignment practitioners don’t know a lot of details about negative souls (nor do we need to) is that they never present themselves for a clearing, unless a clearing is requested by a friend or relative.  And even in those cases, we aren’t allowed access to their Akashic Record beyond discovering what they really are; they ‘re not having it.  Suits me.

You know what’s right.  Your intuition tells you so… you don’t need a church or a guru to tell you.  Trust yourself, follow your inner compass, and add to the power of Light in the world.  We need you.

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  1. I will try to explain my way of seeng light and the darkness but Im Swedish and not so god att English so sorry if you not understand.
    I can say no one is only light or only dark the darkness for me is nothing bad it is a loving darkness black is all colors and darkness is the femin side it is mother Earth. She is olso light but a light with her in nature it is no war between darkness and light it is the female and mail energi. Humans have been told so long that darkness is evil and it is the biggest lie of all. Im very dark with her light inside my heart it dont meen Im selfish Im born her to work for the good for mother Earth and whats god for her is god for everyone. and the opposit to. Only light is dangerous the sun is ligt whith darkness in and Earth is darkness whith light in. Balans is important to make the balance that is lost back. In the deepest level in the darkness you will meet her the big mother and all her loving healing and visdom. Inow that most of the lightworkers is loving her and need to now this. .

    • Hi Elisabeth,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I agree that in a purely human sense, _most_ people have a light and a dark side… but hopefully the light side is the controlling factor.

      However, darkness, evil, negativity… this is a real energy. If you just look around the world, you can’t deny that.
      Michael recently posted..Pardon Me, But Haven’t We Met Before?My Profile

  2. Cynthia says:

    Hello Michael – thank you for answering some questions I had about Light/Dark workers. I had a moment of enlightenment in 2004, and I must say, my life has not been the same since. I have dedicated my life to the Light; however, I just want to smack dark workers. They generally create messes that Lightworkers have to clean up, like releasing demons and such for their own personal gain. But I am told repeatedly by spiritual people to love these darkworkers, to treat them with compassion because none of us are perfect. I liked what you said better – just tell them to F’ off because they will screw you over if given half a chance. And it’s hard to feel compassion for those who don’t feel or display it to others. So when the nasties make a full circle back to the dark worker, I feel nothing but a bit of gray satisfaction. Sorry, I don’t seem to be able to love these people.

    • michael says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      Your reality consists only of that to which you direct your attention. Sooo…if you ignore them, for you they don’t exist; they can’t affect you or create the energy that they crave from you, and they rapidly go away. It’s more like flicking them off your shoulder than smacking them – because that’s giving them what they want.

      They have free will the same as anyone, and if they choose to change they need to do it themselves.

      The lovey-dovey crowd can mess around with them all they want – they mean well, but they don’t realize that they’re just feeding them. Plus it keeps them away from me, so much the better. :)

  3. If someone is a negative soul how can they start moving back towards source and stop stealing other people’s energies?
    If the soul doesn’t want to change but the ego self or personality does, does that make a difference?

    • Amy,

      That’s a toughie, because in my practice of Soul Realignment, negative-souled people simply don’t show up for work on thei rown because they have no interest in changing.

      If a client were to have a reading done for, say, a spouse or child, and I found it to be a negative soul, the reading stops there. I tell the client they’re dealing with a negative soul, and counsel them on how to deal with that fact – because there’s simply nothing they can do about it.

      I can’t see a situation where a “person” would want to be positive but simply can’t because their soul doesn’t. Much more likely (very likely, in fact) would be a positive soul who has so many negative attachments that they cannot act in a positive manner. One of the first questions I ask when I look at a soul’s record is whether they want clearing. If the answer is “yes”, it doesn’t matter what the “person” wants – they get a clearing and eventually the effects will show up in their physical life. But if the soul is truly negative _or_ doesn’t wany a clearing for whatever reason, I go no further.

      I have had some interesting cases where the soul did not want clearing at the time, because it had some lesson to learn from a negative situation. But later after the lesson was learned, it was a “go” and I did the clearing.

      Fascinating, no?

      If you have any specific questions you’re welcome to email me.

      • I did get a reading and was told I have a negative soul so I suppose some want to change. I’m just confused really but I don’t want to steal from other people anymore.

        • There’s no way you sought and received a reading from a bonafide Soul Realignment practitioner and were told you were a negative soul. That’s completely bogus. If you want a reading that will be accurate, and an actual clearing that will work, book a session with myself or another _certified_ Soul Relignment practitioner.

          As I said, if you wish to correspond with me, you may email me.

  4. I agree that most people are actually neither Lightworkers or “Dark”-workers … although to me, working with “dark” or rather, without Light, is about creating interference with the free will of others. My personal definition of “Darkworker” would probably be someone who consciously interferes with free will – and that’s what negative forces on our planet do.

    But I agree with you that the idea of a “darkworker” who is in it for “personal gain” (hello, aren’t we all??? And you’re right, what’s good for one is good for the Wole) is BS.


    • Thanks for your insight, Andrea. Good point about the interference – that’s a good, distilled definition. As usual, these terms are fluid and as our old friend Humpty Dumpty postulated, words can mean whatever we want them to mean. :) I have noticed that this idea of formally declaring one’s self to be a “darkworker” has taken hold with young people to a degree, and it smells to me like the goth or emo posing syndrome. Argh.

      It bothered me that people were perhaps being limited by believing that they had to choose one way or another, when the possibilities are far more flexible and abundant than that!

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